Quality-first industrial site management

We are quality

Upgrade your site management efforts with the proven Scandinavian standard of quality.

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Upgrade your industrial site project with the industry’s best practices

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Maximize your industrial site project efficiency with the best possible manpower

Quality-first industrial site management

Quality-first industrial site management

Many people know how to do things in theory. We mobilise the best practices and doers at your construction site so your project is guaranteed to succeed.

We offer the most uncompromising quality within the welding sector for the control, supervision and temporary staff as well as surface examination for machine shops and site installation. We feel at home at the construction sites for energy and industrial plants everywhere in the world.

“We manage the work with quality. We ensure our customers’ success by helping them reach the best possible end result at the construction site. We do it by managing the work and offering staff and solutions with quality as our first priority.”

Jarno Tirronen

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Lasse Tuovinen

IW Solutions client case

The evaporation -plant project KAU770, UPM-Kaukas. Workforce supply including mechanics and welders.

Lappeenranta, Finland 2017

Evaporation plan project in china 2016 at Kingsun workshop. Assembly quality control including expansion vessels, pipelines, heat exchangers and internal parts of evaporator

Kingsun, China 2016

The evaporation -plant project KAU770. Increasing the capacity of evaporator units. Heat transfer units and Crystal Lye pipeline renewal

Lappeenranta, Finland 2017

Foshan Guangzhou, Fiber-pipeline project. Workforce supply including mechanics, welders and management.

Foshan, China 2017